Industrial solutions:

The safe alternatives to methylene chloride, phenol and formic acid based paint stripper products.

Socostrip A0212

Paint remover in acid medium intended for all paints, especially adapted to epoxy, polyurethane and alkydurethane, non-corrosive on most metallic surfaces (steels, aluminium, alloys, titanium etc) except magnesium and cadmium plated steel.  Owing to its formulation, Socostrip A0212 reduces the safety and environmental risks and drawbacks usually linked to removers containing dichloromethane, phenols and chromates.  The viscosity is adjusted in order to facilitate the application by hand or by means of “airless” apparatus and to effectively cover all surfaces, even if vertical or overhanging.  Available in 20 litre drums.

Approved by: Airbus, ATR, Boeing, SNCF (French Railways), Eurocopter.



RemovAll is effective in a wide range of applications. It is in use throughout industry, including offshore in the North Sea.

RemovAll paint stripper is very effective at removing specialist industrial and military coatings including: powder coat, Plastisol, CARC (chemical agent resistant coating) etc. Also hazardous coatings such as lead-based paints, asbestos and artex.

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Dip Tanks – Neo-Ecostrip500

Neo-Ecostrip500 is a clear, eco-friendly liquid stripper designed for dip tank use. Virtually odour-free, it does not give off any toxic or unpleasant fumes. A water jacket is therefore not required on the dip tank, making life much simpler. Neo-Ecostrip 500 represents a significant advance in health & safety with chemical strippers.

Use at room temperature. For accelerated results, the Neo-Ecostrip500 can be heated to 35 deg C or used in ultrasonic baths. Ideal for removing multiple layers of paint or powder coating from hooks, panels, components etc.

Neo-ecostrip 500. For Neo-Ecostrip500 dip tank stripper, we recommend a stainless steel dip tank with lid. Alternatively a high density polyethylene (HDPE) or high density polypropylene (HDPP) dip tank can be used. Mild steel dip tanks should not be used with Neo-Ecostrip 500.

Originally formulated for poweder coating removal.

Available in 5 litre tubs and 25 litre drums.

Hazardous Coatings

Spray application of RemovAll on asbestos-clad storage tank. RemovAll soaks through the asbestos, softens it and breaks its grip on the steel substrate. An incision made with a sharp knife will make an opening and the still wet coating can be peeled off in large sheets as a soggy mass, dramatically reducing the risk of airborne asbestos.

After an overnight soak, the coating peels off easily after making an incision.

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All RemovAll DIY paint stripper products are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

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UseProductBrush Application3 Litre3.8 Litre20 litre Download SpecSheet
Socostrip A0212
Yes YesSocostripA0212
UseEcoStripDip Tank Product25 LitreDownload SpecSheet
Metallic and PlasticEcoStrip 500YesYesEcostrip.pdf


Rotating Blaster Discs

The PERAGO Rotating Blaster Disc uses hard metal studs to hit the surface very much like the grains of a sandblaster, and produces much the same result.

For professional and DIY use.

We can also supply the Fein Power Tools for use with the Perago Rotating Blaster Discs.