Marine paint strippers

Our paint stripper products are formulated for use on metals. See the table below to select the best product for your requirement. Effective on most marine paints and coatings, powder coat, 2 packs, epoxy etc.

Product Selection Guide

UseRemovAll ProductBrush ApplicationSpray Application3 litre 20 LitreDownload SpecSheet
MetalsSocostrip A0212YesYes

This table is for general guidance. Sprayed products require professional airless spray equipment. Contact us for detailed advice

Multiple coats of anti-fouling paint can be removed with only one applicationReduction in labour time compared to grit blasting
Will not damage the gelcoat on fibreglassReduction in total time for job completion
Will not damage epoxy coated cold moulded hullsProduct works without supervision and other tasks can be carried
out while the stripper does its job
Harmless for the boatyard's water catchment system


Boats, Yachts and Ships
For repairing plastic hulls, the Perago is indispensable, as it removes damaged gel coating so effectively that the glass-fibres are exposed, which provides an excellent ground for the mending material. The Perago produces no heat and minimum sparks, which is why it is suitable for use in confined spaces for removing old pan and rust on hulls, and for preventative maintenance.