Aviation Paint Remover – new product

New product, Socostrip A0105N, aviation paint remover, with a 1 year shelf-life from date of manufacture, Boeing approval.

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Aviation – Surface preparation prior to bonding

Aviation maintenance - surface preparation prior to bonding

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FEIN AFMM18 featuring Anti-Vibration technology

FEIN AFMM18 18V cordless FEIN MultiMaster featuring Anti-Vibration technology

Made in Germany by the inventors of Oscillating Multi-Tools (OMTs), the AFMM18 has seen a significant leap forward giving your customers access to MORE power, LESS vibration and LESS noise than any other machine in its class


Non-stock item – pricing available on request.


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FEIN – WPO 14-25E Polisher Stainless Steel Set

FEIN – WPO 14-25E Polisher Stainless Steel Set (11ov) ideal for use with the Perago Multi Rotating Blaster disc.   Delivery time approx. 7 days



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Rotating Blaster Discs

Perago Multi Rotating Blaster Discs –

Perago Multi Rotating blaster discs use hard metal studs to hit the surface very much like the grains of a sandblaster, and produces much the same result.  It excels at rust removal because a blasting method like Perago opens the rust-pores.  Grinding and brushing do not, merely covering them by fresh metal and dust.  Grinding and brushing will heat up the surface, resulting in quick oxidation.

Used by the Oil, Gas and Marine industries.


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