Safe, Eco-Friendly Products For Effective Coating Removal

We are suppliers of safe, effective and eco-friendly solutions for removing industrial and domestic paints, varnish, lacquers, powder and other coatings. All of our chemical paint stripper products are non-hazardous, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and do not burn skin. We supply direct to professional, industrial users.

Eco-Friendly Paint Strippers – General Information

To find the most effective paint stripper or coating remover for your requirement, select from one of the categories below. Our paint stripper contains none of the dangerous chemicals found in conventional, hazardous paint strippers such as methylene chloride.

These products successfully lift a variety of coatings including epoxies, polyurethanes, alkyds, powder coatings, gloss, emulsions etc.

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Paint stripper doesn't have to be a health and safety problem!

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Being 100% biodegradable, RemovAll paint stripper does not add to the waste stream or impact the environment. It is therefore very much the GREEN option when it comes to coating removal

In addition, as an inherently safe stripper, can be used to reduce or eliminate the risks associated with the removal of hazardous coatings. As an example, lead-based paints are still widely found in older houses, offices and industrial premises.

The use of blasting, heat guns or sanders on these coatings will produce toxic airborne particles that can be carried some distance and inhaled by colleagues or family members. Don’t take the risk when there is a safe alternative available

Industrial, boat, jeep or jumbo jet: whatever your paint stripping or coating removal problem – we have the solution!

Socostrip A0212

Paint remover in acid medium intended for all paints, especially adapted to epoxy, polyurethane and alkydurethane, non-corrosive on most metallic surfaces (steels, aluminium alloys, titanium etc) except magnesium and cadmium plated steel.

Approved by: Airbus, ATR, Boeing, SNCF (French Railways), Eurocopter