Due to import issues these products are not presently being imported.

For customers who previously purchased RemovALL 520 for renovation of Airstream Caravans we suggest the use of Socostrip A0105N (available in 20 litre drums).

RemovAll Eco-Friendly paint strippers contain none of the dangerous chemicals found in conventional, hazardous paint strippers such as methylene chloride.

Instead it uses a little science (SARA technology – Selective Adhesion Release Agent) to successfully lift a variety of coatings including epoxies, polyurethanes, alkyds, powder coatings, gloss, emulsions etc.

Advantages of using RemovAll Eco-Friendly paint strippers

Safety & Environment Other Benefits 

Water based
Effective removal of multiple layers with one application

Does not burn the skinStripper works without constant intervention allowing other jobs to be done while stripper works

Non Toxic, Non CarcinogenicProduct remains moist & active for prolonged period
Non FlammableReduced man-hours
Non Ozone DepletingReduced volume of waste
Low VOC ContentReduced cost of waste disposal
No Toxic or hazardous air pollutantsElaborate containment systems not required
Fully BiodegradableEasy clean-up with just water & household detergent
Low Odour
Not classed as dangerous cargo

Paint stripper doesn't have to be a health and safety problem!

Being 100% biodegradable, RemovAll paint stripper does not add to the waste stream or impact the environment. It is therefore very much the GREEN option when it comes to coating removal

In addition, as an inherently safe stripper, RemovAll can be used to reduce or eliminate the risks associated with the removal of hazardous coatings. As an example, lead-based paints are still widely found in older houses, offices and industrial premises.

The use of blasting, heat guns or sanders on these coatings will produce toxic airborne particles that can be carried some distance and inhaled by colleagues or family members. RemovAll binds the paint debris together for safe disposal. Don’t take the risk when there is a safe alternative available

Industrial or DIY, building or boat, jeep or jumbo jet: whatever your
paint stripping or coating removal problem – we have the solution!