Tools and accessories for coating and rust removal with 3M Cubitron™ II technology and Perago Rotating Blaster Discs. Safe, effective and advanced solutions for every surface.

Stainless and carbon steel solutions

We are delighted to offer the new Cubitron™ Fibre Disc product range from 3M. The 982C  for carbon steel and the 987C for stainless steel are made with revolutionary 3M precision-shaped ceramic grain technology, engineered with ultra-sharp, fast-cutting points that wear evenly, run cool and optimize mineral breakdown to maximize disc life. 

Tools and accessories for safe and effective coating and rust removal

Fein WPO E14-25E polisherFein WPO E14-25E polisher the latest tool for use with the Perago Multi Disc

PERAGO Rotating Blaster  (P*erago)

The revolutionary Perago Blaster Discs use hard tungsten tips to pound the surface, very much like the grains of a sandblaster but without the mess. It quickly and effectively removes rust and all types of coatings, including gel coat from GRP.

Also available:

Perago Scraper for wood, GRP and filler

Perago Multi for industrial and marine use. (Cirrus Systems Limited are also distributors for the Fein tools for use with the Multi discs).